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Why I Decided To Stop Getting Lash Extensions

Why I Decided To Stop Getting Lash Extensions (2023)

Are you the kind of beautiful woman who pays the bill? Besides beauty treatments like manicures and facials, there’s one service that no beauty-loving woman can resist: eyelash extensions.

Curled, long lashes instantly make your eyes appear larger and more captivating. Who can resist such a beautiful temptation? Just look at Kim Kardashian. As the original influencer who took the world by storm, she spends a lot of time maintaining her beauty and figure. Her alligator skin handbags are beautiful and luxurious, but the prices are not exactly budget-friendly.

You might wonder, “What’s the point you’re trying to make?” Undeniably, Kim Kardashian has a top-notch team of professional beauticians at her service 24/7, making her the shining star in any crowd. All we can do is go to the nearest beauty salon and like her Instagram posts at a cafe.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic – eyelash extensions. I strongly recommend that you stop using them. If you haven’t tried them yet, don’t even start, don’t! Using a DIY eyelash enhancement kit is a safer and more affordable method.

As for why… I’ll tell you the story of my experience with lash extensions.

Why I Decided to Stop Getting Lash

My Lash Extension Experience

I remember trying eyelash extensions for the first time at the recommendation of a friend. I really loved the feeling of having thick, luscious lashes, so three months ago, I went to a beauty salon recommended by my friend and got the service done. The first time was amazing – I could really feel my eyes shining after the extensions. Over the next few weeks, I noticed that my lashes looked thicker and longer, which made me happy. The eyelash extensions made me feel more beautiful than ever before, and my eyes looked more radiant. Since getting the extensions, I only need to apply mascara before heading out to work each day.

My first experience of getting eyelash extensions brought me a lot of joy. My colleagues also went to get eyelash extensions, and they often boasted about the beauty that eyelash extensions brought into the office. However, none of them mentioned their effort to maintain their eyelash extensions, and the beauty came at a cost.

My Lash Extension

Lash Extensions: What You Should Know

Looking back now, the first thing I should have done after getting eyelash extensions was to Google the question: “How long does it take for eyelashes to recover after extension?” The answer is several months. Yes! This is because the extended eyelashes are glued to your natural lashes. If your natural lashes fall out, the extended lashes will fall out with them. Eyelash extensions can disturb the natural growth cycle of your natural lashes, making the recovery time longer. The products used during the eyelash extension process contain many chemicals, and some even contain irritating ingredients that can damage natural lashes.

However, I soon realized some issues. Firstly, my eyelash extensions only lasted about four weeks. Then I needed to return to the salon to trim them. Secondly, my lashes became very fragile in the following days, and they fell out more often. Finally, I found that the extensions pulled on my natural lashes, making them more prone to falling out.



I chose not to return to the salon for eyelash extensions because the time and money costs were too high. Week after week of eyelash extensions, the time and money I spent on them slowly exceeded my expectations.

Completing a successful eyelash extension in a beauty salon takes about 2 hours, and a touch-up session is required at the salon 4 weeks after the initial procedure. Each touch-up takes at least 45 minutes. Additionally, you have a high metabolism. In that case, it means your eyelashes will fall out faster, and you will need a touch-up 2 weeks after the initial procedure. This seriously disrupts my life and makes socializing with friends more difficult. The pursuit of beauty is slowly eroding my leisurely lifestyle, which I value more.

After my third eyelash extension, I decided to stop getting extensions and only receive basic facial hydration and care. The damage to my eyelashes caused by the extension has already been done, and I can only let time gradually heal the damage.

My first eyelash extension cost me $100, and subsequent touch-ups cost a total of $80. Can you imagine spending $400 just on eyelash extensions? Yes, beauty is that expensive.

Methods for eyelash repair

There are many methods for repairing eyelashes, from daily care to professional treatments. Each method has advantages and appropriate situations. Here are some common methods for repairing eyelashes:

  1. Eyelash growth serum

Eyelash growth serum is currently one of the most popular methods for repairing eyelashes. This liquid usually contains chemicals similar to keratin that promote eyelash growth. The method is very simple, apply the liquid to the base of the eyelashes. Although eyelash growth serum has a significant effect, there may be some side effects, such as eye allergies or inflammation.

  1. Eyelash nourishing oil

I started using eyelash nourishing oil every day, which promotes eyelash growth and increases eyelashes’ luster. I add a drop or two of essential oil to castor oil and apply the mixture to my eyelashes every night before bed using a mascara wand. Within 6 weeks, my eyelashes became noticeably thicker.

  1. Eyelash transplantation

Eyelash transplantation is a more complex method of eyelash repair. Professional technicians or doctors usually perform this method. The process involves transplanting small pieces of hair or eyelashes from one area to another. This method has a significant effect and can make eyelashes look more natural and dense.

Lash Extensions 1

Safer Alternatives To Lash Extensions

After a period of conditioning, my eyelashes have slowly started to recover their optimal state, and now I only apply basic mascara when I go out. However, the effect of mascara may not be so stunning, so I have found a safer and more convenient way to extend my eyelashes – DIY eyelash lifting. I bought a high-selling eyelash lifting kit on Amazon, and using the instructions on the kit, I extended my eyelashes myself. The kit is very comprehensive, the operation steps are also very simple, and it does not contain irritating ingredients, which are harmless to eyelashes.

The experience after use is great! But the first attempt was difficult due to a lack of experience. Still, it is normal to have trouble with the first use, and the eyelash lifting effect of the kit can last for 6-8 weeks. After the effect disappeared, I tried the eyelash lifting kit again. With experience, the effect of eyelash lifting became very stunning. Just brushing mascara when going out can make your eyelashes look like they’re worth two million dollars!

Buying a DIY eyelash lifting kit on the Amazon website only costs about 30 US dollars and can be used at least 10 times. Therefore, the eyelash lifting kit is not only very economical but also a very durable way to get curly eyelashes.


The ICONSIGN eyelash lifting kit is the most affordable and effective beauty care product, providing portable and comprehensive use tools that are very easy to operate, helping you quickly get curly eyelashes at home without any irritating ingredients. Eyelash extensions will make my eyelashes fragile and easy to fall off, so I recommend using the ICONSIGN eyelash lifting kit to obtain beautiful eyelashes in the most affordable and portable way.

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