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Lash Lift Gone Wrong Here’s How To Fix It Quickly

Lash Lift Gone Wrong? Here’s How To Fix It Quickly (2023)

Causes of Lash Lift Gone Wrong

Lash lift is a beauty technique that has become increasingly popular recently. It can make your eyelashes appear thicker and more curled, making your eyes more charming. However, if certain mistakes are made, problems can arise with the lash lift procedure. The reasons for errors during the lash lift procedure are typically due to using incorrect methods or tools, and any mistakes during the operation can result in unsatisfactory results. In the following, we will discuss the reasons for errors during the lash lift procedure and how to fix them.

lash lift, also known as eyelash perm or lash lift and curl, is a beauty technique that uses chemicals and heat to style eyelashes into an upward curl. If problems arise, they may be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Improper selection: lash lift requires the use of chemical agents. If nasty chemicals are used, or the chemical concentration is incorrect, it may cause allergies, burns, and other side effects. A professional beautician should approve the quality and formula of the chemical agent.
  2. Improper handling time: lash lift needs to be processed within a specific time frame. If the processing time is too short or long, it may lead to unsatisfactory results or eyelash damage.
  3. Lack of proficiency: lash lift requires professional skills and experience. Without experience or proficiency, unsatisfactory results or eyelash damage may occur.
  4. Eyelash length and density: Eyelashes of different lengths and densities require different processing times and processing agent concentrations. Unsatisfactory results or eyelash damage may occur if the beautician does not consider these factors.

No matter what causes problems with the lash lift procedure, it is recommended to report them to the beautician immediately and consult a doctor for treatment. Before selecting a beautician and receiving an lash lift treatment, please consider carefully and ensure that a professional and qualified institution is selected.

Lash lifts are a popular beauty procedure that produces dramatic, long-lasting results. Unfortunately, things can go wrong at times. A mishandled lash lift can be extremely aggravating. It can not only give you an unattractive appearance, but it can also be painful. Fortunately, there are quick and safe solutions. In this blog post, we’ll go over the causes and solutions of lash lifts gone wrong, as well as how to avoid them in the future.

Causes of Lash Lift Gone Wrong

Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Mistakes you need to avoid
Here are some errors to avoid and corresponding solutions to ensure that you won’t make mistakes the next time you use the lash lifting kit:
Over-Curling Of Lashes After Some Time

If you want to achieve curled and beautiful eyelashes, using a portable eyelash-lifting kit at home is a simple and affordable method. However, as a beginner, you may not get the expected result the first time you use the kit. If your lifted eyelashes become over-curled after some time, it indicates that you may have made a mistake during the operation.

The culprit – the adhesive residue that was not thoroughly cleaned!

Most people believe that residual moisture may cause the eyelashes to lose their permanent styling effect, which is true. Cleaning eyelashes with hot water can cause them to deform. The styling glue used to fix the eyelash curl shape needs to be thoroughly rinsed off. The over-curling of the lifted eyelashes is because the styling glue residue remains in the gaps at the roots of the eyelashes. Over time, the styling glue also dries up, causing the eyelashes to over-curl.

Fortunately, all you need to do is gently wipe the eyelashes with a cleanser and use a cotton swab soaked in warm water to gently wipe away the styling glue along the roots of the eyelashes. You will see that the over-curling of eyelashes gradually improves.

1. Over curling of lashes after some time
The Lashes Have Fused.

If your eyelashes have fused, a simple cleaning will no longer solve the problem. Your only option is to use cysteine for keratin lash lifting. The perming agent used in this treatment can remove the curl and tangles from the eyelashes. Cysteine slowly raises the pH level of the eyelashes, gently opening the cuticles. Since cysteine is heat activated, the eyelashes will return to their natural state once the heat is removed. Currently, keratin care infuses your lashes, providing them with much-needed strength and hydration. Then a lipid-reducing solution is used to contact the cuticles and seal in the keratin care. Your eyelashes will no longer be tangled or frizzy. After a few weeks, you can try your lash-lifting kit again. This brings us to the next mistake and how to avoid it.

Lashes Are Crossing And Bending.

Any residue from the fixing glue can cause the lash-lifting effect to go wrong. Here’s what you should do:

  • First, divide the eyelashes into three parts when applying the glue.
  • Use a cotton swab to apply the glue upwards directly.
  • If you see the eyelashes sticking together, separate them a few seconds later to ensure the desired effect.
  • Comb the lashes again to shape them before wiping off the fixing glue. In most cases, fixing glue is the easiest part to go wrong, so be very careful.
Wrong Position Of Silicone Pads

Secondly, silicone pads may not adhere well, which may be due to unclean eyelids, so make sure your eyelids are clean. Another solution is to use any tape on the eyelids, place the pad under the lash line, and apply the glue on top to protect your eyelids from the glue.

4. Wrong position of silicone pads
The Curve Of The Lash Looks Uneven.

Previously, we mentioned that if the adhesive for eyelash perm is not thoroughly cleaned, it may cause the lashes to be excessively curled or unable to achieve the desired curling effect. Another reason that can cause the eyelash curve to appear uneven is if the lifting pad is not placed in the correct position. If the pad is placed below the lash line, the lashes will curl from the tips instead of curling uniformly. The correct method is to place the lifting pad on the lash line so that all lashes are uniformly curled.

Lashes Are Not Lifted

If the lashes are not lifted, it may be because enough time and attention were not given to let each step fully absorb. When applying the adhesive and curling lotion, extra attention and time should be given. If either step ends prematurely, the lashes will not achieve the desired curling effect.

If this happens, please wait a week before reusing the lash lifting kit with the correct operation process.

Notice: If your lashes are thick, excessive use of the solution may also prevent the lashes from being lifted.

6. Lashes are not lifted

How To Fix Lash Lift Gone Wrong

  1. If your lashes are excessively curled, you can use an eyelash brush to comb the curled lashes towards the root and then apply more curling solutions. Straightening the excessively curled lashes takes about 2-5 minutes.
  2. If you need to remove the curling solution, gently wipe it with a cotton pad without pulling the lashes.
  3. Use another clean eyelash brush to apply the moisturizing lotion on the lashes gently. Be patient during the application process to ensure that the lotion is applied from the roots to the tips of the lashes.
  4. Even if you follow the correct operation steps for lash lifting, it is still possible for the lashes to become curled.
  5. Use an eyelash brush to comb the lashes and ensure that the curling degree of the lashes reaches the desired state.


In short, to achieve ideal results in lash lifting, it is necessary to follow the instructions carefully. If problems arise, you can try the above repair methods, but also ensure that the eyelashes receive adequate rest and breathing. For those problems that have caused excessive damage, only time can repair them. Avoid DIY methods to accelerate the repair process, which may further damage the eyelashes. If you need a lash lift kit, you can visit the ICONSIGN website. Their ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit can be conveniently and quickly used at home, and help you get thicker and more curled eyelashes that last for 6-8 WEEKS.

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