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Keratin Lash Lift vs Regular Lash Lift Which Is Best for You

Keratin Lash Lift VS Regular Lash Lift: Which Is Best for You (2023)

Keratin lash lifts and regular lash lifts are two popular options for achieving a long-lasting curl that lasts up to eight weeks. Depending on the individual and the desired look, one may be better than the other. Read on to learn more about the differences between the two services and decide which one is the best fit for you.

Eyelash lift is a cosmetic technique to increase eyelashes’ length, curl, and thickness. Keratin eyelash lift is a new type of eyelash lift that has significant differences from regular eyelash lifts.

Which Is Best for You

What is a Regular Lash Lift?

Regular lash lifts use eyelash curlers or mascara brushes to increase the curl of eyelashes and usually require daily use of these tools, and the effect is not very long-lasting. Another technique is eyelash tinting, which enhances the color of eyelashes through dyeing but does not change their length or curl.

What is a Regular Lash Lift

What is a Keratin Lash Lift?

Keratin lash lift is a more advanced eyelash lift that uses new keratin technology. Keratin is a natural protein and one of the main components of our skin, hair, and nails. With keratin eyelash lift, keratin is applied to the eyelashes to enhance their curl, length, and thickness, with very obvious results.

What is a Keratin Lash Lift

Benefits of a Keratin Lash Lift

The benefits of keratin eyelash lifts include:

  1. Increased curl, length, and thickness of eyelashes making the eyes brighter and more vibrant.
  2. The long-lasting effect usually lasts for 4-6 weeks.
  3. Simple operation, without using any chemicals or toxic substances, which will not cause harm to the eyes and skin.
Benefits of a Keratin Lash Lift

Benefits of a Regular Lash Lift

The benefits of regular eyelash lifts include the following:

  1. Increased eyelash curl, making the eyes look deeper.
  2. Simple operations can be done at home.
  3. Natural effect, not looking fake or unnatural.
Benefits of a Regular Lash Lift

Differences between Lash Lift and Keratin Lash Lift

The difference between eyelash lifting and keratin eyelash lifting is mainly as follows:

  1. Different techniques: Eyelash lifting uses traditional tools such as eyelash curlers or brushes, while keratin eyelash lifting uses advanced keratin technology.
  2. Different effects: Keratin eyelash lifting can enhance curl, length, and thickness while maintaining a natural look.
  3. Different operating environments: Ordinary eyelash lifting can be done at home with less stringent environmental requirements, while keratin eyelash lifting requires new keratin technology and must be completed by professional beauty technicians in a professional beauty institution.


Reasons to choose keratin eyelash lifting: Keratin eyelash lifting is an updated version of ordinary eyelash lifting with many technical improvements. For example, the keratin-based solution used in keratin eyelash lifting is less irritating to the lashes and less likely to damage natural lashes, meaning there is less potential damage to natural lashes during the process. If your lashes are very few and short, it is best to choose keratin eyelash lifting. Due to technical improvements, keratin eyelash lifting also lasts longer than ordinary eyelash lifting, making it more convenient for people who spend more time outdoors and don’t want to worry about touch-ups. The keratin-based solution used in keratin eyelash lifting helps maintain lash luster, is non-irritating, and achieves better results.

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