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ICONSIGN Eye Lash Brow Dye Tint Kit VS RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint Which Is Best for You

ICONSIGN Eye Lash Brow Dye Tint Kit VS RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint: Which Is Best for You?

In the beauty industry, eyebrow tint has become one of the essential makeup items for many women. In the market, there are many brands of eyebrow tint, including ICONSIGN and RefectoCil. These two brands of eyebrow tint have received wide attention and praise. This article will compare the ICONSIGN eyebrow tint kit and RefectoCil eyebrow tint to help consumers choose the right tint product.

What is ICONSIGN Eye Lash Brow Dye Tint Kit?

The ICONSIGN eyelash and eyebrow dye tint kit includes three components: eyebrow dye, eyelash dye, and oxidant, which are suitable for individuals to do self-care at home. The kit is widely recognized for its safety and simplicity. According to the brand’s promotion, it does not contain harmful chemicals such as lead and copper and uses gentle ingredients to moisturize the eyes and eyebrows. In addition, the kit offers five colours to choose from to meet the needs of different people.

What is ICONSIGN Eye Lash Brow Dye Tint Kit

What is RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint?

RefectoCil is an Austrian brand with more than 70 years of history. RefectoCil’s eyelash and eyebrow dye kit consists of three parts: dye, oxidant, and mixer. Unlike ICONSIGN, RefectoCil offers 12 colours for consumers, making it more colourful. Additionally, the brand emphasizes safety and quality, strictly controlling the dye composition to ensure it does not harm the eyes and eyebrows.

What is RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint

Comparison of ICONSIGN Eye Lash Brow Dye Tint Kit vs RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint

When choosing an eyelash and eyebrow dye kit, consumers need to consider many factors, such as colour selection, ease of use, and ingredient safety. Regardless of which brand they choose, consumers should use the product correctly according to the instructions to avoid unnecessary risks.

Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows is a popular service in the modern beauty field, which can make the eyes and eyebrows look thicker and more defined, thus improving the overall appearance. In this field, two famous dye brands are ICONSIGN and RefectoCil, and their eyelash and eyebrow dye kits are popular. The following will compare the differences between the two products in terms of product ingredients, effects, and prices and select the winning product.


The ingredients of the ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit include water, glycerin, sodium acrylate, polydimethylsiloxane-11, hydroxyethyl cellulose, polyamide-1, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide, and edible pigments. These ingredients are mainly derived from natural plant extracts and are harmless to the human body. The RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kit contains water, Cetearyl alcohol, ppd, resorcinol, sodium nitrite, formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, and other ingredients. Some of these ingredients may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals, so caution is advised. In terms of ingredients, the ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit is the winner.

Ingredients 6


The ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit is an extremely durable eyebrow tinting product. After using this product, your eyebrows will maintain their natural colour for 4-6 weeks. In addition, the ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit can help you shape your eyebrows, making them look more beautiful.

The RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kit is also a high-quality eyebrow tinting product. It can give your eyebrows a deep colour, and the results can last relatively long. After using RefectoCil eyebrow tint, your eyebrows will maintain colour for around 6-8 weeks. In terms of effectiveness, the RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kit is the winner.

Effects 3


The ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit is relatively inexpensive, costing around $20 for a kit. The RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kit is slightly more expensive than the ICONSIGN kit, costing around $30 for a bottle. If you are a price-sensitive consumer, choose the ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit.

Price 8


The ICONSIGN and RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kits are high-quality products that give your eyebrows a beautiful and natural colour that lasts for a long time. Based on the comparison above, the ICONSIGN Eyebrow Tinting Kit has better ingredients and a lower price than the RefectoCil kit, so we recommend consumers choose the ICONSIGN kit. However, if you prefer a longer-lasting tinting effect, choose the RefectoCil Eyebrow Tinting Kit.

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