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How To Apply Eyelash Extensions

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

Quick Guide: How to apply eyelash extensions at home Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty method that can increase the length and volume of eyelashes without the need for mascara. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, eyelash extensions can be tricky. You need to understand some basic knowledge about eyelash extensions, and the following are the steps involved in eyelash extensions:

Step 1: Clean the eyelashes

Step 2: Place the cushion

Step 3: Choose eyelash extension

Step 4: Dip the eyelashes in the adhesive

Step 5: Isolate and wipe

Step 6:set the eyelash appliacation

Step 7: Separating the Lashes

Step 8: Drying Eyelash Glue

Eyelash extensions can bring you long-lasting and natural results. By reading on, you can learn the detailed method of eyelash extension.

Eyelashes have the unique ability to highlight the contours of our eyes, and long and thick eyelashes make our eyes look more charming. Eyelash extension can help people save time and not worry about applying makeup in the morning, and confidently go to the beach. This article introduces the methods and advantages of eyelash extension to help you make a better choice. By logging on to ICONSIGN, you can also learn more about eyelash lifting and eyelash tinting kits.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension is a cosmetic enhancement that involves attaching synthetic lashes onto natural lashes to create a fuller, more striking appearance. Eyelash extensions can be made from synthetic fibers, mink fur, faux mink, or silk fibers. They are applied with specialized adhesive and can last for several weeks with proper care. Lash grafting typically uses semi-permanent synthetic mink or silk fibers, which are individually applied onto your natural lashes, to make the edges of your lashes appear longer, fuller, and darker.

What Are Eyelash Extensions 4

Advantages Of Eyelash Extensions

  1. Obvious Effect Using eyelash extensions, you will wake up every day with long, fluttering, and gorgeous eyelashes. This process is very effective in enhancing your eyes and looks incredible to everyone.
  2. Customizable Your makeup can be natural or dramatic according to your preference-just work with your lash artist to determine the ideal length and curl.
  3. Almost Waterproof Although you won’t get them wet in the first 48 hours, you can get them wet afterward without worrying about falling off. However, keep in mind that the drier you keep them, the longer they will last.
  4. Painless Eyelash extension is non-invasive, and the entire process is 100% painless for almost everyone from start to finish.
  5. High Safety Eyelash growth serums are usually harmless and safe, and many dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and beauticians agree that eyelash extensions are safe in most cases.
Advantages Of Eyelash

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions
Clean the eyelashes

Proper cleaning of the eyelashes is essential to prevent the adhesive used to hold the eyelash extensions from breaking down due to makeup and oil and to achieve the best results.

Place the cushion

Choose an eye cushion of the appropriate size and place it on the lower eyelid, as close as possible to the lower lash line. Use tape to secure the cushion in place to ensure safety.

How to apply eyelash

Choose eyelash extension

Choose the length, thickness, and curl of the eyelash extensions according to your preferences. Do not choose extensions that are too long, as this may result in an unnatural appearance. We recommend choosing 0.15mm thickness and B or C curl extensions for a more natural look.

Dip the eyelashes in the adhesive

Dip the eyelash extensions into the adhesive. We recommend using adhesive to prolong the durability of the extensions. Ensure there is ample adhesive at the base of the extension. Wipe off excess adhesive before applying the lashes.

Dip the eyelashes in the adhesive

Isolate and wipe

Use tweezers to separate the natural lashes from the synthetic ones. While maintaining the tapered surface of the extension, brush the extension onto the natural lashes. Apply adhesive from the base to the tip of the natural lashes, ensuring there are no gaps between the adhesive. Apply the lash glue until smooth.

Set the eyelash appliacation

After wiping the natural eyelashes with enough glue, place the extension part about 1 millimeter away from the eyelid on the natural lashes, then release the individual lash extension onto the natural lashes. Move to another area or reverse the eye and repeat the extension process until it becomes difficult to separate more organic lashes.

set the eyelash appliacation
Separating the Lashes

Two lashes or extensions should not stick together. Use two sets of tweezers to separate any extension parts that may be stuck together. It is best to do this when the adhesive is dry, although not completely cured.

Drying Eyelash Glue

When all the applied lash extensions are firmly bonded, it is time to dry the newly decorated lashes for between 3 to 5 minutes. Mist with distilled water, dry again for 3 minutes, and perform a final separation.

Drying Eyelash Glue


Grafting eyelashes is not a particularly complex project. As long as you master the steps and practice properly, you can graft perfect eyelashes. However, during the operation, you should pay attention to safety and avoid getting glue or other substances into your eyes. Browsing through ICONSIGN Website, eyelash lifting and grafting are both good methods to achieve curly eyelashes.

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