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Everything You Need To Know About ICONSIGN Lash Perm

Everything You Need To Know About ICONSIGN Lash Perm

Eyelashes are an important part of maintaining charm. Have you ever worried about the durability of your eyelash curler or the limited effect of mascara? Eyelash perming can help you eliminate these concerns. It can maintain a lasting effect and a natural shape. This article introduces Lash Perm Kits, a highly effective eyelash perming product. You can log in to ICONSIGN for more detailed information.

What Is Lash Perm?

A lash perm is a treatment where the eyelashes are curled around a cylindrical rod. Additional solutions and activators are also used to create those gorgeous curls. The process takes about an hour from start to finish. It is best for longer lashes and lasts for about 4 to 12 weeks. Eyelash perming can only be done once every 4 weeks in order to achieve the best results each time. If done correctly, eyelash perming will not damage lashes. However, it is important to find a trained technician and exercise caution during the procedure.

What Is Lash Perm

How To Use ICONSIGN Lash Perm?

ICONSIGN lash perm is a high-quality eyelash perming product that offers excellent performance to make your lashes more naturally curled and perfectly shaped, creating an elegant charm suitable for any occasion. It is a quick eyelash lifting kit used by professional lash artists and is suitable for use by beauty salons or individuals, as it can both curl and nourish your lashes.

Step1: Cleanse the lashes

Remove oil, dust and cosmetic residue with a cleaning pad in case these factors will affect the final result.

Step2: Placing the lifting pad

Choose the appropriate size lifting pad to match the length of your lashes. Place the pad on the lower eyelid, making sure all lower lashes are covered, and place the silicone pad on the upper eyelid to avoid contact of the perm solution with the skin.

How To Use ICONSIGN Lash Perm

Step3: Apply glue to the silicone pad

Apply glue to the front and back of the silicone pad to secure it to the upper eyelid. Place the silicone pad as close to the lash line as possible so that the process encompasses all lashes.

Step4: Apply perm solution

Apply the perm solution to the lashes, covering each lash, then apply the fixative to the lashes, then cover the eyes with plastic wrap and leave for 8 to 12 minutes.

Step5: Nourish lashes

Remove the fixative with a dry cotton pad and then apply the nourishing agent to the lashes. This step will help keep your lashes healthy and shiny.

Step6: Wash off any residue with cleanser

Use the cleanser to clean off all residue with the brush,wiping with the comb side. Remove the lift pads from the upper part of it.

How To Use ICONSIGN Lash Perm 1

The Benefits Of ICONSIGN Lash Perm

  1. Pay attention to the packaging

New packaging, especially in low temperature environments, ensures that the mascara and the bottle will not be damaged.

  1. Remarkable effect

Quicker to perm lashes, nearly half the time is reduced from 8-12 minutes to 3-5 minutes. The effect lasts longer, lashes stay extra curved for up to 12 weeks after using this product.

  1. Ingredient safety

The ingredient upgrade includes the use of high quality materials in a gentle, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and safe formula. The product nourishes lashes and provides moisturizing ingredients for dry lashes.

  1. long-lasting

The protective sealant used for lash lift is applied in a thin layer to the attachment area, extending the life of the curl.

  1. Rapid process

Fast drying, the newly developed adhesive dries in 2-3 seconds with no unpleasant odor, no latex and no formaldehyde.


Aftercare Of ICONSIGN Eyelash Perm

  1. Keep your eyelashes dry

Keep your eyelashes dry for 24 hours after treatment without makeup, exercise, swimming or saunas to maintain your eyelash perm.

  1. Use a lash conditioner.

You should also use a lash conditioner to keep your lashes moist, maintain the curl of the treatment and prevent them from becoming brittle.

  1. Don’t rub your lashes

Avoid rubbing or touching the eye area, don’t rub or itch, and treat your lashes very gently and carefully. If you are sleeping on your back or side, it is best to sleep on your back.

  1. Wait 24 hours before applying makeup.

Wait 24 hours before applying any type of product to your lashes. After 24 hours, you can use regular mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or any makeup product you want. It will not affect your lashes.

Aftercare Of ICONSIGN Eyelash Perm


If you are planning to get an eyelash perm, it is important to know this to help you choose a safe and hypoallergenic product. Log on to ICONSIGN Website where you can also learn more about eyelash information and products.

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